Intellezy and Galaxy | Finishing a half-baked idea into a fully functional product

Intellezy makes byte sized e-learning videos. They came to us with an unstable e-learning website and a tight deadline. They were looking to upgrade their .NET website with a more intuitive and aesthetic solution. We introduced them to our custom e-learning solution. Impressed with the idea of a ground-up rebuild, Intellezy gave us the green flag. We got them up and running in a matter of few weeks.


  • Responsive UX Design
  • Backend Development
  • Custom LMS
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Key Takeaways

  • Helped them increase engagement rate by 40%
  • Made the solution marketable within few weeks
  • Intellezy is now catering 5000+ videos to more than 200,000 professionals.

Intellezy is an E-learning platform catering to employee skill development. They have a library of 5000+ engaging videos on Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Oracle, Business Skills, General Computing, SAP, et al.

When we met folks at Intellezy, their solution was half-baked and complex. The product needed revamping. We walked them through our existing codebase and custom solutions that we had built for other clients.

They liked the idea but wanted us to address their immediate concerns first, vis-a-vis-

Third party video player integration

A terribly optimized video player is a deal breaker for a video-based platform. Intellezy asked their previous vendor to rectify the issue with a third party player integration. Unfortunately, the vendor bailed on them.

We immediately discussed and integrated JW player. They were surprised by the turnaround because we got them up and running in a week.

Support and Maintenance

Their goals were defined and their issues were urgent. They needed someone who was available 24*7; we signed a support and maintenance contract with them.

The challenge

Intellezy was struggling with user experience and scalability of the solution. It was outdated and needed a ground up rebuild.

Intellezy’s solution in our solution

From identifying their users & goals to looking into their existing PHP website, we went all in.

Once the challenges were identified, we moved on to development. With continuous integrations and iterations we made Intellezy marketable in a few weeks.

We worked with multiple modules and integrations to make the solution as future-proof as possible. We also integrated essential tools that helped them with a growing user-base.

  • CRM
  • Video
  • Payment gateway

Impressed with the ease-of-use and increase in engagement rate, Intellezy decided to buy the license. But not via one-time fee.

So, we gave them a flexible payment option.

Intellezy is now catering 5000+ videos to more than 200,000 professionals.


  • Flexible and customizable solution.
  • Better user experience.

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